I am senior editor for the well-respected Rethink Press, a company which helps entrepreneurs plan, write and publish their own books. If you are a successful business person who would like to raise your impact, income and influence with your very own business book, I would highly recommend you get in touch with Lucy, Joe and the team at Rethink.

I am also delighted to work with SilverWood Books, another company offering high quality publishing services, mostly to fiction and memoir authors. I have done structural and line edits for SilverWood Books along with some proof reading work, and I often recommend that authors looking for a comprehensive publishing package get in touch with Helen and her team.

I have the privilege to edit for many excellent and influential independent authors, including Debbie Young, author, speaker, blogger at Debbie Young's Writing Life.



I know I can always depend on Alison for a timely, accurate and thoughtful edit of my manuscripts that also retains my style and voice. She frequently spots clangers and anomalies that I've missed, saving me from myself and from the risk of critical reviews. She is diplomatic, kind and constructive in the way she conveys any criticism, and we feel like a real team. I am confident that my books are very much better as the result of her input, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to other authors who want to make their books the best they can be.

Debbie Young
Author of the Sophie Sayers Village Mystery Series and the St Bride's School Series along with many collections of delightful short stories


 Alison is a joy to work with. She is extremely professional and thorough in all aspects of her work, from communication to the quality of her editing. Alison has a remarkable ability to bring greater clarity to my writing, and possesses a real eye for detail. She has become a supportive and key member of my ‘team’ and an important part of the success of my books.
Kate P Adams 

Author of the Charleton House Mysteries


My greatest bit of luck as an author has been to discover the right editor from the outset. As a non-native English speaker, I've found in Alison the perfect partner: so respectful of my author voice, and at the same time so accurate, from story details and development, to characters’ ARC and coherence, to language and grammar. For new writers, I’d recommend her read and critique service, and from there you can plan together for the work to come. For me, it was an enlightening moment; I knew from my critique where I was starting my author journey, what I could improve and what were my strengths. I felt empowered

Adriana Licio

​Author of the An Italian Village Mystery and Cozy Homeswappers Mysteries series


Alison provided me with an excellent critique of my book, A Leap of Faith. It is always nerve-racking sending a manuscript to an expert and I delayed opening her response for a few hours, but I needn’t have worried—the criticism was gently put, and Alison’s suggestions allowed me to vastly improve my book.

I treasure the nice things she said too. As your typical needy writer, praise is the comfort food you never get enough of, right?

Although the critique isn’t a copy edit, Alison pointed out my writing tics and as I revised my novel, I was much more aware of areas where I go wrong. Endless repetition and subject/verb disagreement, anyone? I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Alison again and can't recommend her services highly enough.

Emma Baird

​Author of various works set in Bonnie Scotland, including Highland Books, a trio of delicious romantic comedies

Writing a book was one of the items on my bucket list, but I quickly found out that I needed a professional editor to support me. Alison was a superb help. I was not only impressed with the way she worked out my somewhat unstructured sentences and paragraphs, but also that she kept to deadlines. This is as much her book as it is mine.
Erik van Haaren, author of Managing Success in Digital Transformations via Leadership