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Additional Services

After-edit read through

When I have finished your edit and you have had a chance to check through my amendments and address any issues I have highlighted, which may involve rewriting certain paragraphs, a useful exercise is to return the manuscript to me for an after-edit read through. Please note this is not a proof read, which is a far more detailed examination of the manuscript for errors such as spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation, but it will ensure that the editing process ends with the content of your manuscript in the best possible shape.

Blurb writing

Every great book needs a great blurb. It will be the first part of your book your target audience will read, so it's an invaluable opportunity to hook their attention. If you've written a work of fiction, tease the readers with a taste of the plot, leaving them aching to know more. If you're writing for businesspeople, set the scene with a professional tone. If you're sharing your memoirs, make sure your blurb gets the readers emotionally involved with your story.

In short, a blurb is an essential tool for marketing your book, so you want to get it right. With extensive experience of writing blurbs for fiction, business and memoir authors, I would be delighted to help you to create a memorable blurb for your book. If I have edited your manuscript, it will be a straightforward process for me to write a winning blurb for it; if I have not edited your manuscript, I will of course need a copy so I can familiarise myself with the content and make sure your blurb reflects your work.